Golden Goose, the temptation of a pair of dirty shoes, no one can stop

From celebrity stars to fashionable amateurs, she has worn thousands of styles of a pair of dirty shoes. This well-known pair of star little dirty shoes is a trendy brand from Italy-Golden Goose.

The brand’s full name, cheap golden goose Deluxe Brand, was designed by designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo in 2000.

“Deluxe Brand”-the essence of its success. Break through the boundaries, make new attempts, and dare to break the traditional aesthetic. It is this brand tone that can create explosive models that are popular all over the world.

“Dirty looks good, broken with high-level sense,” an unorthodox luxury style created by Italian traditional craftsmanship.

Different from the traditional simple white shoes, the specially made old shoes adopt the high-end Italian soft leather, which is given the texture and comfort through traditional craftsmanship, and then brushed, colored and waxed by hand to achieve moderate wearing And the feeling of wear and tear, there is an alternative retro chic cool feeling.

Especially after a series of Korean dramas such as “You From the Stars” and “Descendants of the Sun” contracted small dirty shoes, this trend became even more overwhelming.

Not only do male stars like these star shoes, but actresses also love them. Regardless of the cute style, sports style, Yujie Faner can completely hold it, the most unique existence in the crowd.