Golden Goose’s dirty sneakers

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

I don’t know if my friends found out
These two years of Adidas are going to heaven
Thousands of people lined up overnight when the NMD was released a while ago
Rush out within half an hour of sale
And I heard that there will be another wave
Adidas relies solely on Stan Smith
There was a wave of “small white shoes” all over the world
And by the way, they have brought up the sales of other small white shoes.
Such as Acne Studio ’s smiley white shoes
Alexander McQueen’s platform white shoes
Isabel Marant’s Red Tail White Shoes
And the connotation white shoes of Common Projects
Now swipe Taobao
Internet celebrities are selling all kinds of white shoes
Today, I want to talk about shoes
Not any of the above
It’s the pair of Song Zhongji’s feet in the descendants of the sun
Everyone knows that first brother never watched Korean drama
So even I know when something appears in Korean dramas
Enough to show how popular it is
Many people see it as a green tail sneaker
I thought Song Zhongji was wearing dirty Stan Smith
But in fact it is not a sneaker without a story
It’s the dirty sneaker of the Italian tide brand cheap golden goose
If there is a baby who loves watching Korean dramas, he should be familiar with it
Because it often appears in various hit Korean dramas
There is a pair of professors in Xingyou
Used to ride a bicycle in a suit
Anyway, it is sweeping a lot of big-name Korean stars
Regardless of gender
Seeing that there may be Xueba raising his hand to ask questions
Same dirty sneakers
Why are some shoes sniffed?
And Golden Goose is so popular
This starts with the designer of dirty sneakers
Golden Goose is the designer
Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo
Brand created in 2000
Full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
GGDB for short
The name comes from Golden Goose in Grimm’s fairy tale
Is a story of a happy boy living a happy life
Because Golden Goose shoes are all handmade
Not only the upper is hand-stitched
Even worn marks must be brushed and waxed by hand
So every pair of shoes is different
Probably its value is in this “the only dirty in the world”
Recently, the most common on the Internet is this flashing and shining
There are also gems behind
Anyway, according to Chu ’s aesthetic direction
I prefer the simple ones
Don’t bring a drill, don’t bring a flash is my basic requirement
By the way, there are also children’s models
In addition to fashion
Another advantage of dirty sneakers
It ’s not to be stolen by the door.