Gucci deliberately sells dirty sneakers for $1,175.

 cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

The ugly sneaker trend continues to exist.
After the Italian shoe brand cheap golden goose was tied to a belt for sale for $530 ($745) in distressed sneakers, Gucci followed suit and launched its Spring/Summer 2019 collection. An iteration of $1,175.

Gucci’s Screener sneakers are also available in a two-tone outsole, a green leather panel and terry cloth, and a crystal trim. If you find a spare price of $2,015, you can buy it now.

Although this is not the first time we’ve seen brands like Balenciaga, Hood By Air and Vetements take the ugly sneakers to a whole new level, it’s worth pointing out that Gucci’s retail price for this vintage sneaker retailer. The amazing price of $1,175.

You may ask yourself why someone is willing to spend nearly $1,200 to buy dirty shoes? According to American Fashion News, Angela Bahns, assistant professor of psychology at Wellesley College, gave the answer.

She said to the publication: “Our research has found that wearing neat shoes is often associated with anxious, conscientious or politically conservative people.” “So choosing to use dirty shoes on the runway may be a calm, calm, Efforts of an image that is not rigid or politically free.”

However, although this may actually be the case, this trend has managed to offend those who find it only helps promote poverty. When Golden Goose’s classic 745 AUD version was released in 2018, Twitter also broke out many memes.

One user wrote at the time: “I think that peak capitalism is selling shoes that can’t afford new shoes for $530.”

Another person wrote: “Is there really someone here to spend $500 to buy a pair of new shoes that look worn out? If so, I’ll be on fire for you at a low price of $400,”

As for how Gucci Screener sneakers will be received in stores and online now, only time will tell