How do these worn sneakers attract people’s attention?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

The secret of all fashion men is not so secret. It is carefully designed to be impolite: predicting that they certainly don’t care when it is. This illustrates the appeal of the Italian brand Golden Goose, which produces new sneakers that look like worn-out jeans. GG designers use the same quality leather as bench-top shoes and apply them to classic skateboarding and basketball styles. They then tortured them by hand to create a wear that would take years to complete their work and sneak in a color combination that no one else had ever thought of. The result is a luxury that is perfectly beaten by “age”.

The idea came from two Italian designers, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, who admitted that the outsiders of the fashion industry launched cheap golden goose in 2000. But don’t feel sad if you don’t know their name – from the beginning, the brand relied on the product to convey information about craftsmanship and authenticity, unlike Rinaldo and Gallo’s “market standard brand.” . Therefore, outdated, like the look.

Collectors who are obsessed with sneakers are proud to keep a fresh impression of their most precious shoes. Buying an upset shoe and wearing these shoes with a large DGAF attitude is undoubtedly subversive. Celebrities’ knowledge of fashion men such as Jude Law and the fashion brands of Virgil Abloh’s famous brand Off-White have brought these people from the underground in recent months. Mainstream turning point. In recent years, although the brand has been extended to some high-end casual wear and sash accessories, their iconic sneakers have made this all preserved (heh).

Forget the crisp white kicks of the past, you need a pair of bronzes of age and experience. No one needs to know that it is out of the box.