I still don’t know why everyone likes these dirty sneakers.

 cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

degree. Who is willing to release dirty shoes? No one until the golden goose arrives.

If you don’t know the brand, you must have noticed these shoes. They are usually white, but they are spotted everywhere and have beautiful stars on their sides. Some models even surpassed the US tape, pretending to cover the hole.

They look like rusty shoes, but they are usually worn on other uncontaminated clothes. If you are a female, be sure to use them in conjunction with the Chanel or Prada package. If they are men, wear white pants and an unclean linen jacket. How is this going

Golden Goose Superstar

The story of the cheap golden goose began in Venice in 2007. That year, the marriage of Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo created the brand, whose name respects the golden egg hen in Aesop’s fables. .

This golden egg goose is a simple idea: the shoes have been decorated with manual appearance and artisans, and the pre-treatment shop is if they have been used for at least five years, they are drowned. price? Between 300 and 600 euros per pair.

The style of the upper layer quickly succeeded in the concept of Boho chic, like Gwyneth Paltrow, then jumped to like celebrity Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Jude Law and Seduce, Even the competition, like Kanye West or Virgil Abloh, is the author’s most iconic shoe of the past decade.

His own Virgil Abloh unveiled the success of the Wall Street Journal’s shoes, specifically, the superstar model: “It’s craftsmanship and wear and tear, what makes them unique.”

Golden goose

But this is not the only secret of his victory. The Golden Goose brand is the brand that appears at the right time. In 2007, I had a fever because of the shoes we wore today. But at the time there was no concept of “luxury sneakers”. Prada, Chanel and Givenchy did not launch their shoe collection: they only sell shoes and boots. The only person who dared to take risks was Sabel Marant, who created her own sneakers – and offered them high prices – and Golden Goose did the same.

In a statement to The Cut, Alesandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo described the golden goose superstar as “a true emotional product, not a false one.” This seems contradictory because they are shoes worn in the factory, but In fact, they convey the message that the people who wear shoes seem to have traveled halfway through the world with them, experiencing adventures and embarking on the most unique places in the world. Fashion city. So why do children around the world carry them, whether it is Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Tokyo or New York.

But their appearance also caused them to get into trouble. In 2018, the brand became popular, and several Twitter users uploaded an image of a Superstar shoe and put an American ribbon on the toe.

Golden Goose sells a pair of sneakers for $530. The sneakers wear out and are held together with tape. Since when did there be a tendency to beautify the appearance and poverty of used shoes?