Infringement warning! This star-loving fashion has become the most dangerous product of the moment.

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

It is said that people who care about the fashion industry will burst into the lights for these little dirty shoes. Let’s first listen to how everyone introduced them?

A unique pair of shoes in the world.

Walking on the road can instantly become the focus.

Dirty looks good, old and advanced.

Fashion logo, every star husband also loves to wear.

Is there really such a pair of shoes in the world?

The shoes that have such influence in the trend world are called: Golden Goose.
This brand comes from Italy, the full name of cheap golden goose Deluxe Brand, referred to as GGDB. A couple was founded in Venice in 2000. The husband of the couple is dressed up as “dirty”: the hair is long and casual, with a beard and a leather jacket, like a locomotive party that loves to ride on a motorized road. His home also has clothing, costumes, etc., but shoes are the main products.
The production of each pair of shoes combines the traditional handicraft techniques of Italy and the United Kingdom. The shoes are made of high-end Italian soft leather. From sanding, washing to coloring, the process of dirty shoes is basically done by hand. Full of retro taste, it also shows the unique and unruly feeling of the shoes. This kind of emotional impact is also the reason for the success of “small dirty shoes”.
It is such a big hot brand that has been in the fashion industry for many years. This year, for the first time, it came out to protect rights. We have also received multiple customer feedbacks and have been sued by the brand. There are a lot of brand rights holders, either not telling or telling the truth. The current list of defendants has reached 154.
Although it is an Italian brand, the case alleged that the sellers were infringing in the United States. The cases cited in the case are also the US trademarks under their name, mainly including the trademarks GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND, GGDB and graphic trademarks.
At present, this case is mainly for the sellers of the AliExpress platform, followed by a small number of sellers of the alibaba platform. Other platforms have not yet been involved. However, according to the sales situation of other platforms, I believe that rights protection is only a matter of time.
Finally knock the focus!

The agency lawsuit of the case is a very headache for Epstein Drangel LLP. The claim for infringement compensation is completely based on sales. If the sales volume is dozens, it is likely to require tens of thousands or even 100,000 dollars. If you are unfortunately accused of a large sales volume and the store is very important, it is recommended to quickly find a lawyer to see if there is room for non-infringement defense (click here for professional treatment of infringement case response settlement). Answering in time, avoiding being sentenced in absentia, and negotiating and reconciling with the other lawyers, it is a lot of talk.