Juliana Awada, Fabiola Yáñez and María Eugenia Vidal’s voting appearance

Three women with three different styles. Juliana Awada takes her traditional casual fashion with the earthy tones she always wears; the early Fabiola Yanez elegant dress and the madford jeans and the basic shirt of the María Eugenia Vidal are different on Sunday, October 27th. The school voted and its clothing caught the attention of experts.

The first lady chose the overall camel look, including the pants version of her pants, windbreaker, gold goose shoes (the latest fashion in the world), silk tops, glasses and shoulder straps. María Eugenia Vidal chose to wear light-colored jeans and ponchos; while Alberto Fernández’s couple, Fabiola Yáñez, chose a white full-length blouse and a long dress in the morning.
Infobae spoke with an image consultant who analyzed the appearance of Juliana Awada, María Eugenia Vidal and Fabiola Yánez during the voting, saying:

“Although Juliana Awada is number one in terms of styling, the overall look of the same color is very fashionable. The only thing that will criticize him is that he should show a sure-safe expression, and It’s not hiding behind the glasses. The color selection protocol is appropriate. Tere del Valle says that the white gold goose sale made of metal stars is an impeccable look.
For Gabriela Gurmandi, she also mentioned the first lady: “Use clay shoes to help more sneakers, comfortable and elegant. Pantacourt pants are a trend. It is perfect for her. Is her logo, we have seen her style many times. The right occasion.”
Fabiola Yáñez, the candidate for the Frente de Todos, voted for the overall white gown. Experts expressed their opinions and said: “Romantic style, medium-length dress and the correct color of the day,” fashion consultant Gurmandi said.

For Tere del Valle, Fabiola is also right in choosing color because it conveys purity, innocence, peace and humility. “The hair is very fresh and its touch is on the lips.”
Buenos Aires governor María Eugenia Vidal was one of the first to vote. He chose Oxford jeans, white basic shirts and soft ponchos.

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For Tere Del Valle, it looks messy. “If I have a costume from Jean Champion wearing booties and ties, we can say that he has a higher ability to play, but this is not the most successful.”

For Gabriela Gurmandi, the election day is Sunday, “The look and poncho of casual jeans are calm and relaxed.”