Lazy minded models | The “little dirty shoes” worn by Captain Liu’s fire are not just “dirty”!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

“Descendants of the Sun” comes to an end, but your husband Song Zhongji’s enthusiasm for fire is still going on. For example, this pair of “little dirty shoes” has been super loved from the beginning of the play. Looks like it looks ugly, called Golden Goose, from Italy, the full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, everyone referred to it as GGDB shoes.

“Lieutenant Liu” has absolutely true love for the dirty shoes, and it is inseparable from outside the show.
I also wore it on my feet when I enlisted for the first two years.

In the Korean drama starring earlier, before falling in love with GGDB, he deliberately stepped on Converse and wore it.

GGDB has long been a hot brand in South Korea, and Kim Soo-hyun also wore GGDB in “You From the Stars”.

Many first-line Korean stars use this brand of shoes as standard for personal service street shooting, such as Lee Jong-Suk, Lee Min-Ho, Choi Ji-woo, Lin Yun-er, and so on. . . Uninformed people can easily mistake this as a Korean brand.

cheap golden goose is the representative of fashion tide brand, clothing bags and shoes are all available, but the most well-known and most popular is “dirty” sneakers.

At first glance, your husband will wear this green tail Stan Smith or Converse Star Player. In fact, it is the Super Star series of GGDB.

Looking closely, Golden Goose’s star logo is relatively large, and irregular pentagrams will have their corners covered. Converse’s star logo is relatively small, and the pentagram is straight and fully displayed.

The brand was founded in 2000 by Venice couples Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. The male designer himself (right below) has messy long hair and beards. The uninhibited style is the best spokesperson for the brand.
The “dirty” of GGDB is definitely not the yellowing dirt naturally formed in sneakers, it is intentionally produced without the effect of wiping.

There are many GGDB shoes, high-top and low-top canvas running shoes … Anyway, they are dirty and old.

The upper is sewn by Italian craftsmen purely by hand, and the old processing is done a little bit on special equipment. The pursuit is the cool effect without trimming. Different styles have different ways of distressing, so each pair of shoes is unique.

Therefore, this “goose that lays golden eggs” is naturally more expensive than Converse, about 2500-3500 RMB.

Compared to small white shoes that do n’t eat fireworks on the earth, one of the characteristics of Golden Goose is “dirty”. Most of the styles use old design, whether it is white edge or upper, there is always a feeling of not rubbing. Never worry about getting your shoes dirty again!

And finally, you can finally do your shoes clean!

Cool design, so you do n’t have to worry about it getting dirty.

With a little decadence and laziness, you can easily become a trendy person every day, handsome!

It is a recent favorite of Big Power, which is worn in different styles. Street shooting is common. The green pair is really bling bling.

Luhan also loves it. It is estimated that it will drive a large number of fans.

Li Yifeng certainly will not let go of this personality tide shoes.

In addition to the Korean wave and domestic enthusiasm, GGDB has already become popular in Europe and America. Fashion bloggers and fashionistas are already vying to show up. Whether it’s unruly pants or elegant long skirts; cool leather clothes or playful shorts, a pair of small dirty shoes can be held.

Hold on to the adults, just don’t let the children miss it. This is the rhythm of the “tide” to pick up from the baby. GGDB has launched a variety of parent-child models, so that the tide parents and tide mothers have to obey the money!

Zou Shiming replaced his son Zou Mingxuan with GGDB decisively.

Huo Siyan’s standard configuration for his son, Master Humming, is also GGDB.

GGDB is not so hot now, come with a pair of small dirty shoes, not only to achieve the same style as her husband, instantly transformed into a trendy person, the most important thing is that you can not need to brush shoes all year round! It can be described as a lazy mind, with a single arrow!

But vegetarian, at the same time, please remind me, don’t let mother and grandma find out, otherwise it will be the same as Han Huohuo! Wa hahaha!