Little dirty shoes cry this season! The most complete style of golden goose

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

I have looked at small dirty shoes since last year. I have searched countless home appliance companies and have n’t waited for the favorite color. I do n’t want to buy suede and do n’t want to buy particularly bright colors. Joker! Section.

Finally let me wait until this pair of golden stars! !! !!

I saw this pair on farfetch before, and there are several pairs of very similar stars in red and green. The other parts are the same as this pair! Because there is already red veja, red is not considered. Favorite friends can also go and see on farfetch!

Picking the color of small dirty shoes really needs to be multi-pronged. The official website, matchesfashion, farfetch, ssense, and Toronto’s nordstrom are different! !! Some models are only available on a certain website, so you must start quickly when you like your favorite model, or it will be sold out soon

I bought this pair at Nordtrom in Toronto Eaton Center. The Nordstrom model is not complete. It looks like six or seven pairs, and each pair has three or four pairs. I bought the last pair. I usually wear 39. Feet, but this pair of 38 is just right. Friends who want to buy at e-commerce suggest to go to the mall to try a code first!

In terms of comfort, I think it is comfortable in sneaker, and there is an increase of 3-4cm

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