Little white shoes came out of the advanced version, Golden Goose’s little dirty shoes are hot!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Is it still a headache to lose them?
I managed to grab it. As a result, I didn’t know if others were wearing fake drops …
Ok … heart … plug …
Don’t worry, don’t worry,
Today, Shui Shui will give everyone Amway a pair of wild and wild shoes
If you ca n’t grab the little white shoes
We buy
“Little dirty shoes”
Do you know these shoes?
Well, it ’s really not that the green-tailed white shoes are dirty.
Take a look at this picture
Do you feel familiar with starting point?
Descendants of the Sun
National Husband Song Zhongji
Just wearing these little dirty shoes
In the second episode, we start to meet our Qiaomei!

“Little White” vs. “Little Dirty”
Don’t faint
Do n’t think they are the same
Today Shui Shui will talk to you in detail
You may not know these “little dirty shoes”
What is the origin of these little dirty shoes?

“Little dirty shoes”, whose real name is cheap golden goose and full name Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, was born in 2000. It is a young brand from Italy jointly created by the couple Francesca and Alessandro Gallo. Although they are not from science, they use their passion for fashion and art to build their own brands.
The most famous brand of this brand is “dirty”. In fact, it is intentionally done with old processing. The process of dirtying new shoes is all done by hand, making the shoes softer and dirtyer. Because of this, there is also a star logo, but it is about 5 times more expensive than Converse, and the price of each pair is more than 2000RMB!

As the current “fried fried chicken”
His overnight fame
Of course, thanks to the stars
Spare no effort to expose on various occasions
Let’s see where these little dirty shoes ever appeared
Who wore my little dirty shoes?
First use a collection to feel how hot this shoe is
Stars from all over the world
Your Song Zhongji put these shoes on your feet three years ago. Are you a fan of the brand?
Former “National Oboe” Kim Soo-hyun’s pair of dirty shoes paired with a black super stylish
Long-legged Oboe Lee Min Ho also wore it out of the street
The cute little deer is wearing the second season of “I’m going to school” wearing him
Don’t think it’s just a boy’s patent, look at our sister Fei, stepping on it has a feeling of wind under your feet!
Girls’ Generation Lin Yun’er is also a fan of it!
The big power wears the little green tail in the “sun”
Selena Gomez was also caught shooting out of the street wearing “all white dirty shoes”
It seems that the fashion trend of European and American stars has begun
Seeing so many star street shots,
Do you feel wonder
Why is it so hot?
I’m a little dirty shoe with a story
The dirty pursuit of Golden Goose is a sense of vicissitudes with a story. It is like the medals left by smoke and war, like the records left by many journeys. It is this kind of old-fashioned effect that makes this pair of Golden Goose with its “story” attribute look full.
Because it is handmade, every pair is dirty. Isn’t this vicissitudes of story very felt?
In addition to being compelled and feelful, for us who love beauty, it is the best to wear versatile and fashionable clothes.
Look at the street shots of those trendy people, whether it is pants or skirts, how to look cool!
Of course, we must first get used to the existence of such dirty shoes.
You must be wearing school uniforms with Converse canvas white shoes,
Have you heard of the theory that little canvas shoes are dirty?
In fact, fashion is sometimes difficult to say clearly.
The dirty feeling can only belong to the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand!
How about, did Shui Shui’s introduction plant grass for you today?
But here water and water friendship tips
I bought small dirty shoes, remember to hide them
Don’t let mother and grandma see it!
Otherwise, they may really think you bought a second-hand!