Little white shoes that are easy to wear but not bad?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

You do n’t know if you have the same habits as Xiaobian. You ca n’t wait to buy the shoes you like when you see them. Because white shoes are really good to wear, and they are comfortable to wear. When you do n’t think about what shoes to wear, they are the safest and the least choice! To say that the most popular shoes in the past two years, the little white shoes haven’t run away. Xiao Bian remembered that the first white shoes became popular because of Adidas’s Stansmiths little green tail, but now there are more beautiful and practical white shoes on the market! Do you also want to catch up with the trend of white shoes but you do n’t know what to choose? Today I will give you an inventory of more than a dozen of the most popular white shoes on the market! Interested friends, keep watching!

Common Projects
These shoes are described in two words: advanced. The shoes are hand-made by Italian craftsmen. The materials are made from the finest Italian cowhide and rubber soles. It is said that the comfort can reach “more comfortable than wearing shoes”, so the price is also expensive. Minimalism, compared to other popular little white shoes, it has a narrower shoe shape, and wearing it can definitely modify the leg shape. And Common Projects insists on not using Logos, only hot stamping numbers, which is even more compelling!

Kenneth Cole
The second pair comes from the New York brand Kenneth Cole, which itself started as a shoe, so the texture is really good. Recently became the new favorite of European and American stars, Ker and Ken Dou both like it.

Keds blue white shoes
Recently, Zheng Xiujing’s pictorial shot for Keds was fried chicken beauty. In this quarter, Keds mainly promoted this pair of blue white shoes, which felt the rhythm of fire. The price is also the most popular among them.

Michael Kors Golden Tail
MK also has small white shoes, and the price is in the triple digits, which is still very cost-effective. Recently Ni Ni has also got on the feet. This pair was introduced before, and is Golden Tail.

Vans pedal
Vans’s white shoes always make people look refreshing. One pedal is easy to wear and versatile, and the price is not expensive. It really holds my heart firmly.

GUCCI New Ace bee-embroidered leather trainers
In fact, Gucci white shoes have been there for a long time, but it was not until 2015, since Alessandro Michele led Gucci into a new era, this white shoes have once again reignited. To tell the truth, Gucci’s best and most creative in recent years is to use the classic stripe background, and then add bees, love, tiger heads and other interesting patterns and elements, to maximize the personalization. At the same time, the green tail design at the heel is also very simple and beautiful!

Golden Goose Superstar leather trainers
Last year’s Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” also brought these “dirty” little white shoes on fire. This shoe from the first episode of wuli Zhongjioba comes from the Italian tide brand Golden Goose (Gold Goose), founded by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo in 2000. The full name is cheap golden goose Deluxe Brand, which can often be seen on the shoe Abbreviation “GGDB”. Although the golden white shoes of Golden Goose looked dirty when they were just bought back, don’t disappoint them. In fact, this is a deliberate old process. Each pair of shoes is actually hand-polished, washed, waxed, and aged intentionally to achieve the feeling of wear and tear, creating a sense of time.

Burberry metallic detail leather trainers
In fact, this small white shoe of Burberry also follows the details route. The pure white trainer, the golden metallic design of the shoe, and the lining are specially made into Burberry’s most classic plaid pattern. The sole is also very soft, so it’s stylish and comfortable to wear. Many small white shoes are too low-key and not very conspicuous at the end of the shoe, but this one uses a very shiny metallic golden color, so it can be said to be very eye-catching.

Reebok Classics
This series of Reebok Classics white shoes are definitely red and green tail in Japan. They look good. They can be worn by couples. They are delicate and low-key. The colors are soft and waxy. Another pair of yellow and white color Reebok Classic is also very beautiful.

Acne Studios Adriana plaque-detailed patent-leather sneakers
Everyone should be familiar with the square smiley on the shoe! This is the most classic icon of Acne Studio, and this Fang Fang smile face is popular because of this little white shoe. In fact, if you remove the smiley decoration, this is a very ordinary pair of sneakers, but if you add it, it will become neat and stylish immediately, and it will have a strong recognition. In addition to white, it has many other bright colors, but many people still love white because it is so versatile!

Alright! Today, I will give you an inventory of the popular white shoes. If you have a favorite white shoes brand that you want to share with you, please leave a message below!