Made in Italy. This is a pair of retro dirty shoes

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Made in Italy This is a pair of retro and old-style small dirty shoes. Golden Goose # GGDB # is handmade and each pair is unique and different. Tide circles, celebrities, masters, and influencers all fall in love The effect is very good on the feet, and it can be worn by both men and women.
Golden goose
GGDB small dirty shoes. I don’t know if anyone likes this kind of old shoes like me. Venice’s tide brand, specializes in dirty old models (haha, their clean shoes are not good-looking) Korean stars are cute, such as Song Zhongji was so hot! No one buys it because the price itself is not too low. There is no way to be a brand, or to use the home Adidas to grind and make an old model on the ground. Europeans are very “slick”, often seeing that the shoes they wear are dirty and old, and they are broken, and some even have holes. Girls are no exception. GGDB is the trend of this street fighter. Right, btw i like

cheap golden goose small dirty shoes must-have mom
Gold goose wild holy hand made Milan, Italy
Little dirty shoes are introduced, many stars are wearing them

Italian handmade shoes, it is said that the world can not find the same pair

Because each pair has a different texture, the grandmother said that she could not understand

The reason for the love is mainly wild, casual ladies are out of the question.
Usually jeans and skirts are good

More ripped jeans

Usually take the baby out, convenient and stylish

Try to be a good friend while taking the baby