Make dirty shoes, live broadcast in the background, discover treasure brands, this fashion week is very interesting!

Today I’ll give you the show reports of Milan and Paris Fashion Week!

In fact, every time I run a fashion week, I don’t just watch the show. What attracts me most is that I can do more and more interesting content with the brand.

Just like visiting the Etro headquarters, visiting the backstage of the show, and doing live broadcast, this is the first time to understand a brand from a more perspective.

I also watched the Colombo preview to show you more historical and cultural brands.

And experienced a personal customization in the new Lab store of cheap golden goose, and made a small dirty shoe.

Paris Fashion Week also took a Vlog with Zhong Chuxi.

It is precisely because each fashion week has a different experience, which also makes me full of freshness and motivation for each job.

In addition, the weather has been good during this business trip. The hotel room in Milan also has a large terrace. When the sun comes out, it is very comfortable and more beautiful.

It ’s so pretty in any shot, it ’s satisfying ~