Newly identified Golden Goose (Goose)

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Dear fairies
It’s time to update the new identification brand every week
Today’s brand to introduce to you
From Italy
Golden Goose
Let ’s take a look

If you usually pay attention to the dressing of celebrities, you will find that in the past two years, whether it is in the drama or in the street photo, the major celebrities love to wear “small dirty shoes” to leave the country. It’s also because the celebrities brought their goods that the brand of “Little Dirty Shoes”, Golden Goose, instantly became popular all over the world.

After the descendants of the sun were broadcast, Song Zhongji was the focus from head to toe. Naturally, this must-have item of shoes was identified early in the morning and became a new assist for the crowd. And those “dirty” old shoes are the Italian fashion brand Golden Goose ~

Golden Goose can be said to be the favorite shoe of the national husband Song Zhongji. Most street shots can see him wearing small dirty shoes.

Self-taught designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo founded Golden Goose in 2000. The foundation of the brand lies not only in the love of the two designers for fashion and art, but also in the spirit of Italian tradition and their appreciation of British tailoring.

However, their lack of traditional training also makes them more courageous than the average designer to push the boundaries and make new attempts. Golden Goose is good at recreating original materials into originals, combining traditional meticulous tailoring and dedication to details to create stylish, comfortable and elegant men’s and women’s clothing, accessories and shoes.

Old fashioned

9 of the 10 fans who are keen on cheap golden goose must have been sucked by the dirty-looking sneakers first. The appearance is shabby and old. It seems that the dirty sneakers that have never been washed by the owner are actually not caused by real stains but by special means of making old.

Every pair of Golden Goose’s “dirty” sneakers has been brushed and waxed by hand to achieve the realistic effect of moderate wear and wear. Coupled with the soft terry cloth lining in the shoes, it is so comfortable that you have no friends!

Unique personality recognition
For the trendy men and women, the scariest thing to wear is that they have no recognition and change passers by the minute. In addition to the use of distressing effects to achieve a vagabond and hip-hop style, Golden Goose also uses eye-catching LOGO to create unique personality.

Although GoldenGoose also uses the five-pointed star as the main logo, it is presented in a freely scattered form, and usually its five-pointed star logo will deliberately lack a corner to appear on the front, middle, and rear of the shoe. The material is also cowhide and suede, so the recognition is quite high, and you can recognize it all the way.

That ’s it for today ’s sharing. If there is a little fairy who likes this brand, then quickly pick a Golden Goose dirty shoe that suits you, but you need to be cautious. In order to prevent being deceived, please come to us for identification ~