Nordstrom sells out $ 530 shoes with dirt, catheter perforation

Maybe they caused a huge commotion, or maybe many people reluctantly threw away their worn-out shoes.

Either way, a pair of shoes sold by Nordstrom left the Internet in disbelief and sold out.

The department store’s “cheap golden goose star sneakers” retails online for $ 530. This pair of shoes is made to look shabby, and worn shoes have tape on their toes, like baking cakes.

(If these scones are old, though it looks like they might sell.)

To its credit, Nordstrom’s shoe description does not use adjectives such as “crumpled” and “vulgar” to express how great customers would wear them.

The description reads: “This distressed leather sneaker features soft, low-heel laces, a vintage, understated look with signature sidewall stars and a low rubber cup bottom,” he wrote.

Still, fashion doesn’t always make sense.

This pair of shoes is just the latest in a series of stylish faux leather shoes that often confuses and confuses online audiences