Not a pair of dirty shoes, no mood for Chinese New Year

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Who said to wear new clothes in the new year?

Remember that as a child, parents will buy new clothes for their children every Chinese New Year or New Year, which symbolizes a new weather in the new year. But with the “dirty old style” headed by “small dirty shoes” sweeping the fashion circle, my mother no longer has to worry about spending money on Chinese New Year, because I have the “dirty old style” I love.

People are not as good as new and clothes as old

Now that the New Year is coming, use this node to write an article about “dirty old wind”. Which brands like this “dirty” tone to their bones; which stars are “dirty old style” fans?

There is a fashion called “do the old”
Erosion over time and years will eventually become unforgettable

In fact, fashion is not a concept defined by a group of professionals, but a trend formed under the consensus of the general public. That’s why what everyone said: “The fashion industry is very willful, and it’s clear that the popularity is cold, but it’s inexplicable to make the retro look.”

From the inexplicable move of Gucci’s designer to the grandma’s wardrobe on the runway, the good white shoes were suddenly replaced by small dirty shoes, and the broken denim that can be worn well has to be cut. These are not the tricks that the designers used to make mystery , But they are clearly aware of the needs of the public.

What needs? Nostalgia.

Vintage vintage shops on the streets of Italy and luxury second-hand shops hidden in the city are making a comeback not because people have to take a plane to travel a long way to exchange for an “old” thing, but because of their feelings and thoughts Think, and meaning.

We live in a fast-paced modern city, everything is about a “fast” word. Eat fast, get fast, work fast, work fast, and be fashionable even with fashion (don’t tell me you never visit Zara, H & M).

Over time, paralyzed by this fast pace. Seeing old, dirty, vintage-inspired items can actually stimulate the senses, not to mention that the design that has stood the test of time becomes “older” and looks better.

Then, I will take the “dirty” fans to look at those “old” fashion brands.

“Old” Army

cheap golden goose Deluxe Brand
Dirty shoes

When it comes to making the “dirty old wind” raging all over the streets, it is this maker of “little dirty shoes” from Italy. I heard that after feeling the popularity of stars and trendy people, they finally entered the Chinese market and opened physical stores to attract a crowd of stars to help out.

The behind-the-scenes driver that really made “little dirty shoes” fire is the Korean drama that fans can’t catch up with. From “You From the Stars”, “Pinocchio”, to “Descendants of the Sun”, the public husbands (Jin Xiuxian and Li Zhongshuo , Song Zhongji, etc.) all passed through the “dirty shoes” of the GGDB family, and even Luhan loved this brand.

GGDB is a brand founded by couples Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo in Venice back in 2000. Out of their common love for sneakers, fashion and art, the two wanted to design products that fit their own style. DDGB’s sneakers are pure Made in Italy. The soft leather upper and suede toe, plus the Italian shoe-making process, have received unanimous praise for both the outline and the details.

And the “dirty and old” marks of GGDB shoes are made by hand, not the surface effort of deliberately scratching a dirty thing. Each pair is dirty and unique, and can’t stop it. Compared with sneakers that are white in addition to white, I think this kind of shoes is more storytelling.