Small dirty shoes Golden Goose or looking for sale CK, Coach parent company are eyeing it

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

What is the fate of young designer brands in the digital age? How long can a star product that is often pushed to the edge of major e-commerce outlets endure the test and become a classic?

Golden Goose, founded by designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo in 2000, has recently been revealed or will seek to sell. Existing potential buyers include Calvin Klein’s parent company PVH Group, Ralph Lauren Group and Coach parent company Tapestry Group.

In the field of sports shoes that have been double-faced by giants such as Nike and Adidas and luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada and Valentino, it is already a red sea. As a golden goose star product, the small dirty shoes have been sought after by many consumers, celebrities, and people for the price of 3,000 yuan.

In the popular Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” in early 2016, the heroine Song Zhongji’s “cheap golden goose Deluxe Brand” has obtained a large feature in the drama.

Song Zhong wears Golden Goose Deluxe Brand in Descendants of the Sun Song Zhong wears Golden Goose Deluxe Brand in Descendants of the Sun

The purposely distressed sneakers are made of high-end Italian soft leather, which is given the texture and comfort through traditional craftsmanship, and then hand-washed, colored and waxed to bring about deliberate retro effects. “White shoes” are very different, but they have a cool feeling of no trimming.

“Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is the first brand to upgrade sneakers from streetwear to luxury, changing the way the fashion industry thinks about such items,” said its CEO Roberta Benaglia. The brand’s communications department has strict regulations, emphasizing that the first two words cannot be written, because the meaning of “Deluxe Brand” is very important-it is the essence of its success.

In 2016, the brand opened two stores in Taikoo Li, Beijing and Hang Lung Plaza in Shanghai.

According to Benaglia in the interview, “We do retail in a ‘Glocal’ fashion, and each store has a different product mix.” She said: “In this way, through travel, the same A customer can buy different products in different stores in Seoul, Milan, Paris, New York, etc., so that it can provide customers with different shopping experiences. “

It is worth noting that, according to “Women’s Daily” citing informed sources, former GUCCI creative director and Roman designer Frida Giannini will join the brand, responsible for the creative development of its clothing and accessories.

“She joined the company in January this year and she is also a shareholder of the company,” a person familiar with the matter said. “This is not an ‘improvisation’ and she has signed a multi-year contract.”

Frida GianniniFrida Giannini
In fact, Frida Giannini has a close relationship with the Golden Goose brand, and her husband Patrizio di Marco is currently the brand’s chairman. Marco joined Golden Goose in September 2018, working with the brand helm and CEO Silvio Campara to lead the company’s business. According to the informant, it was Campara who convinced Giannini to return to the workplace this time.

If Frida Giannini finally joins Golden Goose, it will mean that the “husband and wife” will have to join forces again.

The last joint venture between Giannini and Marco was GUCCI.

Frida Giannini and Patrizio di Marco couple Frida Giannini and Patrizio di Marco couple

Compared to the luxury group’s timely sale of its unseen brand, Golden Goose is more like a good asset, which has attracted many investor groups to take over.

In 2016, the brand’s revenue exceeded 100 million euros, and 2015 revenue was 76 million euros, an increase of about 30%; Golden Goose’s net sales in 2018 were 185 million euros, before EBITDA The profit is about 80 million euros. According to informed sources, Golden Goose is now valued at more than 1 billion euros.

Retro product design concepts, travel life concepts … Neither of these is a brand new concept output, but for footwear apparel brands, in addition to brand new concepts, from the concept to the product’s profound spiritual transmission Brand new retail methods are deeply affecting consumers and bringing corresponding transcripts to brands.

As Roberta Benaglia, the CEO of the brand, explains the concept of small dirty shoes retro: “For previous generations, they did not immediately realize the position of retro style in the field of luxury. A kind of value. For the classic timeless love and the spirit of not wasting, it is a real life experience behind the retro. Our sneakers have changed the way people think of sportswear through exclusive handmade products. The research and innovation of luxury goods have enhanced the value of the brand: we are a lifestyle brand because we are a kind of existence, an emotion, and a history of fashion finding its unique expression. Therefore, this new concept of luxury It ’s easier for younger generations to understand. “