Song Zhongji tells you that the era of little white shoes is over

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Ever since “Descendants of the Sun” went viral! Little dirty shoes suddenly occupied the position of little white shoes in the hearts of the influx of people. Stars also loved the small dirty shoes, but if you buy the first dirty shoes, do n’t let your aunt, mother, grandma, etc. brush it for you Oh shoes!

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneakers

What is the origin of this little dirty shoe? cheap golden goose was founded in 2000. The full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. It is a young brand from Italy jointly created by the couple Francesca and Alessandro Gallo. This brand is best known as “dirty”, but this “dirty” is a dirty dirty, the process of dirtying new shoes is all done by hand, making shoes comfortable and old.

Song Zhongji wore a shoe of this brand in “Descendants of the Sun”. This pair of green-tailed “dirty shoes” is the most familiar pair in the public. After all, it is the same “husband”. It is a bit difficult to ignore .

Although “Little Dirty Shoes” has become very hot recently, stars have already begun wearing them before that! Faye Wong is the leader, white shirt + trousers + sneakers, too strong! It is indeed a queen of heaven!

The big powers that you will wear more and more are also in love, don’t be too eye-catching when wearing these sequin shoes!

Da Mi Mi Airport is wearing a black jacket and a white shirt. The cropped pants have a small exposed ankle, and a pair of small dirty shoes are full of casual style!

Of course, Tang Yan will not drop such a trendy item, and the pink stitching is too suitable for her, but Seoul bacteria wants to say that it is really impossible for anyone to tell who this star brought sunglasses and masks.

Don’t underestimate small dirty shoes, it is the best choice for casual fans! Whether it is comfort or concave shape is too suitable! Yuner’s many airport fashions have chosen to use them to match.

The girls from Girls’ Generation also have a crush on small dirty shoes! Lim YoonA, Tiffany, and former member Jessica have all added them to the shoe cabinet!

This pair of shoes is both the love of the girl and the love of the little flesh! The first time I saw Li Yifeng was in June of 15 years. He had just taken part in Paris Fashion Week and was dressed casually. He had a pair of small dirty shoes on his feet and was very comfortable.

Recently, Luhan participated in the recording of “I’m going to school” and also put on small dirty shoes.

OBA EXO of South Korea also likes “small dirty shoes” deeply.

In addition to “Descendants of the Sun”, there are many Korean dramas in which “little dirty shoes” also appear. For example, “You from the Stars” are taught by Jin Xiuxian on this pair, and “Pinocchio” by Lee Jong Suk. Shows how much everyone loves these shoes!