South China’s first Italian high-end trend brand Golden Goose settled in Shenzhen Vientiane City

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cheap golden goose

Recently, learned from Shenzhen Weixiang City (opening time: 2004-12-09, signed 297 brands) official micro, South China’s first Italian high-end trend brand Golden Goose has settled, will bring Italian consumers to Shenzhen A sophisticated lifestyle experience combining traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.

Out of fashion enthusiasm and yearning, the Italian Venetian designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo founded the luxury footwear brand Golden Goose in 2000, which has been 19 years of fashion history. It is reported that the Golden Goose brand name is inspired by the famous story of Aesop’s fables, “Goose of the Golden Egg”, the founder believes that Golden Goose can bring good luck to the brand.

It is worth mentioning that neither of the designers accepted the formal fashion education and the institutional tailoring training, so the founders and couples chose to cooperate with the leather craftsmen of Venice to make up for their lack of formal design training. .

According to the data, Golden Goose began to design casual shoes in 2007, such as the “small dirty shoes” popular in recent years. This product completely changed the public’s stereotype of Golden Goose and transformed “leisure”. Into the “fashion”, its unique retro style and old craftsmanship,cheap golden goose also set off a trend in the Chinese fashion circle, including stars, fashionistas and other competing interpretations. In addition, each season, the designer presents a new work by the famous Venetian craftsman and perfect tailoring, including bags, belts and accessories.

The high level of craftsmanship allows the brand to redefine the concept of rustic luxury. Golden Goose Shenzhen Vientiane City store products include men’s and women’s fashion, shoes, accessories, etc. The products combine Italian modern and luxurious traditional craftsmanship with modern rock aesthetics, while also adding modern and innovative fabrics, combining various fashion elements to create high-end The sense of quality, the overall design of the store design is minimalist, with white and silver as the main tone, the merchandise display frame is made of glass and alloy, which highlights a transparent and fashionable texture.

It is understood that Golden Goose has established stores in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Amsterdam, Beirut, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and other world fashion sites, which will create a new lifestyle and trend for consumers around the world. .