Star favorite little dirty shoes

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

The most popular “small dirty shoes” GOLDEN GOOSE at the moment, handmade by Italian designers. It seems simple and dirty, but it actually requires multiple processes to achieve the effect.

The inside and outside of the shoes are all very soft leather, and the heel has an inner height of about 2 cm, which will lengthen the figure when worn. Good to wear and comfortable, almost all of the white models of cheap golden goose are out of stock.

There are countless stars who like to wear GOLDEN GOOSE out of the street. What Faye Wong, Lin Yuner, Jung Soo Yeon, Soo Ji, Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, and Yang Mi are all fans of GOLDEN GOOSE. Your Song Zhongji Ouba also joined the team of small dirty shoes.

It is also a favorite of street shooters. With skirts and pants, no matter how you wear them, they are stylish.