State sneakers: What do you think of your sneakers?

Last year, luxury sports shoe brand Golden Goose released what it called Superstar Taped sneakers. The company describes it as follows: “Retro low-key leather-like sneakers have a retro low-key design with signature sidewall stars and a poor rubber cup bottom, soft and soft.” No, I don’t know this. What it means. It looks like dirty sneakers that are glued together. Not surprisingly, the Italian company was accused of being obsessed with poverty – poor design quality – and some people had to tie their sneakers in view of the inability to replace them due to falling.
The retail price of these sneakers is ridiculously $750, but it is not much compared to the recent fashions in my newspaper. The retail price of Christian Dior sneakers is $1,700. The retail price of Gucci sneakers For $1,405. The latter is white, with an aesthetic of plastic surgery, looks like the so-called “dad sneakers”, with a large Gucci logo on the side.

This made me think of sports shoes. If you look at the footsteps of people passing by, in many cases it will be a ubiquitous shoe, named after the quiet sound of rubber footsteps, also known as sneakers, beach shoes, tennis shoes, sports. Shoes, runners or coaches.

It is difficult (and unpleasant) to imagine life without sneakers. We can partially thank Charles Goodyear for its development. Goodyear wants to make money through rubber. In 1834, it bought hundreds of rubber lifebuoys that melted in the hot summers of New York. After years of experimentation, he finally discovered in 1839 that he could vulcanize (harden) rubber by adding lead, sulfur and heat.

The earliest incarnation of this sneaker was in the late 19th century, mainly for the elite of gateball players and tennis players, and it became more popular and affordable until the early 20th century. In the 1970s and 1980s, with the rise of running and aerobics, and the emergence of sports stars such as John McEnroe and Michael Jordan, they began to become truly popular shoes.

Of course, there is Nike. One of Nike’s greatest inventions is the creativity of Oregon University track and field coach Bill Bowerman. When the field of his track and field team changed from cinder to artificial surface, Bowman wanted a shoeless nail so that he could bring traction to his team when he was running. Legend has it that he has the “Eureka” moment, he eats waffles at breakfast: the waffle iron groove will be the ideal mold for the soles of multi-terrain sports shoes. It is Phil Knight, a partner at Bowerman, who specializes in marketing and transforms sneakers into derailed fashion products. Now, industry analysts estimate that in every part of the world, every second of every day, everyone buys a pair of new sneakers with Nike.

Sneakers have iconic national identity, race, class, masculinity, etc. at all stages of history. Even criminal behavior, as evidenced by an article in the 1979 New York Times, in which the author described the eavesdropping of two police officers conducting radio broadcasts to colleagues and pointing out that the thief was wearing “felony shoes” . The author wrote: “Heavy sin shoes.” “Digital. If you spend time on the streets where the police are haunting, you will be a fool without sneakers.”

This was written by a writer who grew up in the 1950s 40 years ago. At the time, sports shoes “except for special occasions (such as picnics), adults can not accept sports shoes”, and confused about the latest developments in the world of sports shoes. He wrote: “Sports shoes are out of control.” “The delightful home-sneakers canvas sneakers have entered the sunset. Now we are surrounded by mutants, strange colors and bizarre shaped sneakers… silk and fiberglass Space shoes, the tread is on the toes and heels, and the rubber nails stare at the sky without the purpose of the world.”

He wrote in 1979, but it may be in 2019. It also includes sneakers made of artificial leopard skin, exaggerated sneakers on the soles, sneakers made from game boards, and sneakers that look like ankle boots or over-the-knee boots.

How do you evaluate your sneakers? Hit me, but it is clear that there will be highly subtle state signals between the insiders. This has spawned a speculative and lucrative sneaker resale market, whose market is reinforced by brands that deliberately restrict the supply of certain styles of sneakers, and uses the “drop” sales strategy, in which limited edition sneakers are released in a short time. . Some can be sold out a few seconds before they appear on resale websites, and their purchase price is 1000% or more.

Throughout the United States, people camped outside the sneaker store all night to get in touch with rare sneakers. In 2015, a boy in Brooklyn was shot for skipping the queue. The market is now turning to online sites such as StockX, the “Nasdaq for Sports Shoes” launched in 2016, an e-commerce platform for the high-end sports shoe resale market, currently worth more than $2.2 billion.

In some areas of society, sneakers (and their price tags) are clearly too big for boots. In addition to hype, the acceptance of sneakers is certainly one of the greatest garment developments in modern human history and a huge step for humans. Emma Thompson wore sneakers for the Buckingham Palace and participated in the Order of the British Empire Medal (DBE), so what good for the lady and the queen?

Like all fashion items, sneakers may attract a variety of greed, and in many cases, this shows that capitalism is completely abolished. But sneakers also meet the most basic needs of humans: they can comfortably place our weight on both feet, allowing us to walk quietly and maintain a reasonable distance without encountering restraints.

You may have heard of Allbirds, a company founded by former New Zealand footballers Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger who developed basic sneakers made of merino wool and sometimes eucalyptus fibers, which appeared in Gwyneth. Paltrow, Cindy Crawford and Jacinda Ardern. Environmentally friendly sneakers, loafers and sneakers have recently caught the attention of New Yorkers. Writer Rachel Syme pointed out: “As far as my description is concerned, these shoes are too rigid. “This is perhaps their biggest innovation. Allbirds have a very detailed foundation so that when they put on them, your feet are almost gone. ”

From where I stand, it sounds like my sneakers. After reading this sentence and being irresistible, I am now standing on sneakers made of eucalyptus fibers, and I can be sure that they also have this feeling.