Stay away from “explosive models” Wear a different pair of white shoes this summer!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Nine out of 10 people walking on the street are wearing white shoes, and these 9 people are wearing the same white shoes. Do n’t you feel a little “aesthetic fatigue”? If you want to wear a pair of unusual white sneakers, which one should you buy? How can you stick to your style in the face of the rushing trend? Looking at this article, it turns out that in addition to “explosive models”, the choice of white sneakers is no less than high heels.

Put down your phone and see how many people around you are wearing these shoes?

We know it’s beautiful, and you love it too, but isn’t it boring when everyone wears the same?

Maybe the first time you see cheap golden goose Deluxe, you may feel that you accidentally entered a second-hand shoe sale. In fact, Golden Goose Deluxe is an Italian handmade shoe brand. This bloodline is destined for the extraordinaryness of this brand. Compared to Stan smith, which has a history of more than 50 years, this brand has been established for only 10 years.

Leandra Medine really loves the Golden Goose Deluxe white sneakers. As early as 14 years, Leandra Medine wore it to Fashion Week.

Flying long distances must also wear the comfortable Golden Goose Deluxe. Golden Goose Deluxe shoes combine Italian and British shoemaking technology, and the foot feel must be first-rate.

Not only Leandra Medine, Golden Goose Deluxe shoes are loved by celebrities and fashionistas.

Also includes Han Caiya. Dirty sneakers with socks easily wear out studentish.

They usually wear Golden Goose Deluxe like this:

This sneaker is super accented with cool clothes.

Jessie Bush used it with very fashionable clothing.

Or gorgeous or exaggerated items are also controlled.

The most classic of Golden Goose Deluxe is this series on the picture.

The low-end model is roughly 2700 yuan.

High gangs are 200 yuan more expensive than low gangs.

This star element sneaker not only Golden Goose Deluxe has:

Xiaoxin also wore a pair of star sneakers, but this pair of shoes from Saint Laurent, priced at more than 3,000.

This pair of shoes also has a black star color, which is more expensive than the small fresh pair.

In addition, Converse also launched new rainbow shoes this year. Compared with Golden Goose Deluxe and Saint Laurent, its price is more affordable, as long as 439 yuan!