Stop chasing, this is your husband’s favorite!

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

I used to think that red and blue are a beautiful match for shoes
like this

But adidas completely overturned me
What kind of ghost is this? !!

It is said that this NMD was comparable to the iPhone lineup when it was released
In a half hour
After that fakes are flying all over the sky

This doesn’t count, there are “little white shoes” that were popular earlier
Especially this pair of Stan Smith

I am embarrassed to say that I have gone out without encountering a few pairs a day …
The goods turned into a white whirlwind
Various green-tailed, red-tailed, and appendix-group flurry

I ask you how vulgar!

Do you know why you can’t become a goddess?

See what your husband is stepping on!

See what you step on!
Not only your current husband, but also your former husband!
And your fresh meat!

That’s right! Is this slightly decadent
Italian tide brand
Golden Goose!

I knew you would say
Isn’t this also green tail, red tail, various tails?
But people don’t just have tails! Still dirty!

Lessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, two designers from Italy, founded cheap golden goose in 2000, but these two were laymen at first. They have never studied fashion design. Perseverance and appreciation, learning from different factories, and finally practicing a unique design thinking!

Golden Goose shoes are the same as Italian handmade bricks. Each pair is handmade, including the stains you see. Every pair of shoes is stained differently!

So you have to know
The Italians are very sophisticated about everything they step on their feet
Design and material for shoes
Tiles are more about quality and foot feel