The dirtier the shoes, the more cattle B, even Song Zhongji and Faye Wong are fascinated

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun”
Although we have already ushered in the happy ending of Dapuben
Still caused the single dog LEO Jun
Tons of crit damage.

Among many magical tricks in the drama
The most interesting is not that pair
My Little Dirty Shoes

Those “dirty” sneakers
Countless young girls compete

Mysterious Dirty Shoes

Gangzhen, a descendant of the sun as a sister-in-law
The pair of shoes is very original

Your first reaction might be that
Is it Stan Smith?

See the little blingbling star
It’s the Igor brand
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (GGDB)

How good is it

Every star wears it

Golden Goose is not debuting in Korean drama
2014 Korean drama Pinocchio
Actor Lee Jong Suk dressed in a poster for the whole show

Of course, small dirty shoes are not deliberately worn in the play. Such a pair of shoes can really be said to be an artifact of street shooting, and the rebellious small public act of indulging in freedom and indulgence in minutes becomes unruly.

Just became the most popular celebrities on Instagram, Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber’s ex) and Jude Law (“Budapest Hotel” male pig’s feet) these trendy stars, put on Golden Goose What’s the favorite.

Faye Wong has always been a loyal member of cheap golden goose. When people caught her at the airport, she always wore dirty sneakers.

Come again to Zhang Yunlin’s. Ashe, what is Golden Goose, please ignore it automatically. “Yun” is picturesque, the others are clouds.

In all kinds of street shots, the people really don’t hesitate to love their Golden Goose.

Uninhibited Brand

Golden Goose was created in 2000 by Venice couples Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo.

Out of love for sneakers, fashion and art, plus a cool personal style without trimming, many jeans, leather jackets and motorcycle jackets have been designed.

Messy hair with a beard, mainly in jeans, leather and motorcycle jackets

They learned their design skills in different factories, creating a magical mix of Italian elegance and English cutting.

Leather biker jacket

Speaking of their shoes
This kind of “dirty shoes” with ash and signs of wear
A pair sells for three or four hundred euros
Equivalent to more than 2,000 yuan
Golden Goose is a golden goose that produces golden eggs

It ’s been a long time for doing things old
Retro leather shoes have distressed craftsmanship
Make the shiny shoes less serious
There are also some decorative details.

Please don’t live with your parents when buying these shoes
Your mother will throw it away for you

However, a big part of the reason why celebrities love Golden Goose is because of their high recognition.

In the current production styles, canvas and leather sneakers are both high and low, and there are also pedals and running shoes without laces.

One side of the shoes is often embellished with a pentagram missing a corner, the size of the corner and the size, material, color, and location of the stars are random.

Unlike Converse’s five-pointed star, Golden Goose sneakers are all made in Venice. The old treatment of shoes is also made by craftsmen on specialized equipment.

Every pair of shoes is unique.

Take the pair of Super Stars worn by Song Zhongji.

The soft leather shoe body and suede toe, whether it is the contour or the stitching details, are the reason for its value, coupled with the superb Italian shoemaking technology and the old texture, the comfort is bursting!

Wear it once to know a pair of top N Converse

Oh yes, this shoe comes with a height of 2cm i will not tell you

shopping time! !! !!

Alright, so much said, dry goods below, are you ready to chop your hands?

Song Zhongji same paragraph
Oh no, just like
The same section of the extremely fruit Junmu has been found
Everyone can find a message.

Purely dull hand-made old + exquisite wiring + high-quality leather and small green tail, wild ability is beyond your imagination, casual suits, T-shirts and jeans are all hold.

Da people have always been a fan of Gao Bang. The pure white background enhances the overall sense of oldness, as if they have been with it for a long time when they got it; there are series on the side of the right foot and the inside of the ankle. At first glance, the name is full of stories and compelling.

My skate shoes are the most fashionable! Dark controlled killer. Black stitched five-pointed star, white tongue and raw edges of soles and stitching … Wear it and rub it. If you are soft girl or proud, you must respect you as a man! But the royal blue shoelaces will betray you …

The surface of the shoe is still new, but if you take a closer look at the sole, there are still rough edges and stains. Still maintains the consistent style of Golden Goose. But as the Running series, the shoes are super light ~ only about 340 grams …

The stunned hand-made black and bright silver suede uppers, the fine stitches, don’t say much. Its design is inspired by flower viewing shoes. Hanami’s translation of “Hanami” is a unique way to enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan. Freedom is the soul of this brand design, and the asymmetrical pattern reflects this well.

Let’s find out the material first, the texture of suede calfskin is good! The rustling sound during shoe cleaning is really a big wave of enjoyment for shoe lovers. The design of the Velcro eliminates the tediousness of tying shoelaces, and the free and casual brand trait Duang ~ comes out. Brock’s carved urban sense soared. A suit? Sportswear? Casual wear? The red carpet is all right!

Although this shoe is not a “dirty” shoe, the unrestrained silver and highly textured calf leather will absolutely deprive everyone around and make them look terrible.

Of course, such crazy shoes, the personality is more tension will be better to control! I bu shi in order to install X! bu shi!