The effortless fashion of Naomi Watts

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Hello everyone, continue to write about Naomi Watts’s dress today. Posted a message from a friend in the United States on the post:

I felt the same when I saw her daily photos. I rarely wear makeup, and I look very comfortable in my dress. Compared with some stars who rely on going out and styling eyeballs, there is no misconduct and there is no big star shelf.
Let’s take a look at autumn and winter clothes first. On the left, a light pink sweater is worn inside the gray and white short coat, and the light pink frame sunglasses echo. Pictured right, off-white hat and scarf with camel bathrobe.
She wore a camel coat that she wore many times on different occasions. The left side is paired with a yellow and black floral shirt, and the right side is paired with the same color snow boots (Sorel’s snow boots I recommend here). This bathrobe coat comes from Mansur Gavriel, the brand that started out as a minimalist bucket bag.

This coat can be carried in snowy or windy days.

The basic silhouette coat, gray and black, she wears. The former has a light pink small floral interior, while the latter is a neutral color with cheap golden goose star dirty dirty shoes.

Another long gray coat, which can be worn with a long skirt or jeans, but the single product or details use the favorite floral elements.

See by ChloƩ brown boots, she also wore them. Both sets are in white tops and gray coats.

For those who don’t have to step on the edge of fashion, she can learn a lot from her dress. Very suitable for everyday life of ordinary people. And when she’s in the air, she has both comfort and style.

Whether it’s a touch of white trousers in full black or a little blue in a smooth match. The details are taken care of.

To sum up, all kinds of Xiaoxi fit comfortable pants, the focus is to have a Fedora style hat!

What is a Fedora-style hat? Let me focus on it: a teardrop-shaped crown in the middle, a brim with a medium width (usually between 5 cm and 10 cm), and a strap under the crown (grosgrain ribbon or Different cortex)

In addition to wearing Fedora while traveling, Naomi who walked out of the airport and took to the streets often kept her hat on. Fedora is really the best supporting actress in her wardrobe.

Can be matched with a full tenderness ~
Can also match the handsome look of a cowboy ~
The small floral pattern that she likes is not in conflict.
You can also be friends with white shoes and take a neutral wind with loafers.
With the thick sea soul shirts complement each other.
The plain dress in summer is full of accent because of Fedora.
It can also be perfectly integrated with the holiday-style printing pattern.
In addition to hats, she also wears many fashion classics, such as trench and trench coats. This is a gray one-on-one match.
The other one is two short and one long.
As a mother of two sons, she also has a baby moment, below with her brother Kai.
With the children, she was dressed loosely. The picture on the right shows the younger brother and the shorter brother.
After joining the baby, I joined the event, and it seemed like I was a person, shining.
She also made a lot of magazine blockbusters this year and picked two. A loose sweater with a silk flower skirt looks like a portrayal of her everyday clothes.
Putting on a Chinese suit turned into the star-studded Hollywood actor on the screen.
Naomi’s private server may not be sufficiently tidey and sharp, but she is very self-confident, faithful to her own preferences, a little British, a little bohemian. 50 years, do not avoid the tender powder, ah, these elements of flowers. We often say that people wear clothes instead of clothes. Maybe this is it?
P.S. saw this when looking for the picture, which was taken by Naomi during his 50th birthday in Marrakech last fall.
There she celebrated her life on a camel with a group of friends.
And the hotel is Selman Marrakech!
It really evokes my infinite fond memories. Christmas is coming soon. The temperature in Marrakech is around 10-20 degrees in December. Friends who want to escape the severe cold in search of exotic styles can refer to my previous travel notes: Fly Off | Embracing the Unknown 6 Days 5 Nights in the Bright Sun of North Africa ) And (below)