The golden Goose “dirty shoes” that are popular all over the world, should you try?

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Golden goose’s “dirty shoes” are eaten by men and women. Song Zhongji, Luhan, Liu Wen, and Song Qian all pass through. The star is almost a pair of hands. The old details of the shoes are very durable, as if the traces of time are restored to the shoes. Above, although it looks a little dirty, it is very fashionable, which also makes it able to kill the fashionable from a few white shoes. Would you like a pair?

This pair of green-tailed dirty shoes “is the most familiar pair in the public. After all, in Song of the Sun, Song Zhongji wore it, and it seems that he also noticed it because of the drama. Then Golden Goose’s The little dirty shoes were a mess.

The first time I saw Li Yifeng was in June 15 years. I just participated in the Paris Fashion Week on Monday. I was wearing casual shoes, and my little dirty shoes were very comfortable. I added a small top hat to add a lazy taste. At that time, it was not a cadre. ~

Both Luhan Airport’s private shoot and the recording of “ I’m Going to School ” are worn, especially the pair of gold-colored models on the left, which is quite fashionable, and he really loves small dirty shoes and has worn it many times.

The cousin who loves all kinds of sports shoes will certainly not let go.Using it to match the khaki trench coat and jeans, is casual and fashionable, and even if it is a little dirty, it will not lose the sense of exquisiteness.

Beijing airport street shot, wearing a Thom brown check suit, stepping on cheap golden goose“little dirty shoes”

Golden Goose’s small dirty shoes not only have a variety of styles, but also a lot of high-top design models.This pair of Song Qian’s feet is also very popular.With mid-socks, the fashion is instantly up, and Song Qian is full of street feeling.

Golden goose deluxe brand cream leather Francy high-top sneakers. Round toe, lace-up, logo on tongue, ankle, signature star appliqué detail on side, flat rubber sole.

The low-key poems also pass through.The pair of blue and white colors under her feet are very fresh. The orange star pattern and the blue contrast are very beautiful. Any pair with denim is very good. If you are interested, you can go to the brand’s official website to understand There are really many color schemes and styles.

Golden goose deluxe brand gold star Super star sneakers. Round toe, lace-up, logo on tongue, flat rubber sole, brand logo on insole, signature star appliqué detail on side.