The most exciting new store opening in the NorthPark Center

Keeping up with the opening of every store in the NorthPark Center is a high demand. It seems that every time you visit the best art gallery in Dallas (semi-seriously speaking), you will find something new. Maybe just move a store to a bigger, more spacious partition, or turn a location into a new brand, and you want to know, “Is it still there?”

Here, we have gathered some of the most famous new names, from popular record companies to more popular brands.

New door
Tufting and needle
One of the leading integrated bed brands opened its first store in Texas in September this year, offering affordable products (the mattress store is notorious for increasing fares) and becoming the first online mattress retail in the city. The showroom of the business (how about the contradictory emotions?).
Alexander Berman
The Brazilian shoe designer is adjacent to Neiman Marcus in the third store in the United States, with his luxury design, including Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow. And Lupita Nyongoo is the Clarita style that stars like.
Dolce Gabbana
As early as December, the announcement of the luxury brand’s first store in North Texas caused some controversy, but it was opened as scheduled this fall. According to reports, the beautiful NorthPark location is also the flagship store of Italian brands in the United States.

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Coming soon
Golden Goose (2019 Fall)
Dallas loves cheap golden goose, which is known for its deliberately worn Italian sneakers, ranging in price from $300 to $600. (They are basically not too expensive status symbols.) Although they are already stocked in stores such as “Forty-Five”, “Kabana-Canary” and “Sebastian Studio”, this will It is the brand’s first independent boutique in Dallas.
Zimmermann (Spring 2020)
Recently, more and more celebrities have discovered sophisticated, elegant Australian designs, including Margot Robbie, BeyoncĂ© and Kendall Jenner. In 2014, Kate Middleton walked in front of the curve on the brand’s rover day.

Zimmermann will open a rare store outside of New York and California this spring.

Happy Travel (2020)
This three-story specialty grocery store and Italian restaurant will debut in Texas next year, bringing unexpected ice cream, pasta and rooftop wine dinners. We are excited about this.