The skirt abandoned the heels and fell in love with the sneakers

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Recently, because of the popularity of Naza in “Flowerless”, it is not difficult to find from her previous street shots that this exquisite-looking girl really likes to use shoes with skirts. There are many such in her street shots Collocation cheap golden goose example

Like this one, the striped wrap skirt with white sneakers naturally exudes a sense of simplicity and generosity. It would be a bit embarrassing to change to a pair of high heels, but the sneakers well neutralize the sexy of the wrap skirt, let this A set becomes very easy.

Recent street shots, using a skirt with canvas shoes, a small skirt is the standard for a fairy, but the skirt will not look too immature after matching with canvas shoes, which played a good balance.

Then it is with the shirt skirt, shirt skirt itself is very casual atmosphere, with a pair of sneakers, a more natural and free feeling.

Yang Mi’s recent street shooting, a black wrap skirt with white sneakers, the ageing effect of white sneakers and skirts together is amazing, and in this way Mix & Match feels very real.

Zhang Junning, who appeared in the CHANEL brand show, also chose lace skirts with sneakers. This is a typical combination of mother and man. A gentle lace skirt will inevitably look mediocre if paired with a pair of high heels. After changing to a pair of sneakers, it will increase the overall Less chic feel. In the comfort and fashion circle, this combination is still very popular.

Tang Yixin’s simple shirt skirt paired with a pair of white sneakers, the shirt skirt itself is very comfortable, with a pair of sneakers is the ultimate “fashion and comfortable wear” to the extreme. This body is very suitable for vacation!

Liu Wen used a printed skirt with a pair of white sneakers, breaking the old saying that wearing a print. A pair of small white shoes perfectly neutralized the taste of the printed skirt, and it became small and fresh and fashionable.

Kylie’s own dressing style is a bit cool in fashion. Although it is a white skirt with a white A-line skirt, the beige high-top sneakers on the feet also cater to the overall color.

Looking at Bella’s body again, using a thin knitted wrap dress with handsome sports white sneakers, this soft and hard collision feels very eye-catching, and it shows the girl’s candid side well.

Hot mom Keer this skirt and sneakers mix and match is also good, relaxed blue and white striped shirt skirt with canvas white shoes, coupled with a ball to change the rhythm of 18-year-old girl, so the skirt with sports shoes to reduce age The effect is still leveraged.

In fact, there are many possible combinations of skirts and sneakers, and long skirts, mid-length skirts, and short skirts can match different sneakers with sneakers.

The uninhibited sense of the fringed skirt and the white canvas shoes are just neutral, which is a very close partner.

For example, this wrap knitted skirt with sneakers is also one of the matching styles of sneakers and skirts.

Little fairy-like tulle lace skirt, paired with a pair of white sneakers and football socks, let the lace tulle skirt get rid of the sweet taste, and sports style stands out.

This sexy suspender skirt with sneakers has a more contrasting style effect, especially this silk dress with sneakers, which reduces the luxurious feeling of the fabric and becomes real-wearing.

If you don’t want to wear a pair of lace-up sneakers, then this lazy shoe has the same effect.

The white sneakers are paired with a checkered suspender skirt for a full texture.