The wind that has been blowing for several years still hasn’t blown out the wind of this little dirty shoe golden goose

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

If you have been paying attention to the fashion industry, then you should find that in Balenciaga 2017 autumn and winter and Gucci 2018 early spring, their shoes are still very … special!

Invariably, these brands still choose to do some tricks on the shoes, do not believe you see:
This is indeed true of the show, so there is no such thing as no washing. Of course, if you are stepped on in the background, you do n’t have to say it! impossible!

Because dirty shoes are a phenomenon of street culture resurgence in recent years. Therefore, it is normal for major brands to apply the elements of dirty shoes to their own products.

You must have seen these shoes … Since 2016, from Europe and the United States to South Korea, and then to China, suddenly these shoes have become popular.
It has the same star elements as Converse. Each pair of shoes is not new but used, and the fabric is stained.
But this is the pair of shoes … which makes many stars love.
Luhan wears it for activities, and also wears it privately …
Former teammate EXO member Chan Lie also liked it.
None of the Korean artists you know didn’t pass through.
This pair of shoes is the originator of dirty shoes, cheap golden goose. This brand comes from Italy, the full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, referred to as GGDB.
Founded by a couple in Venice in 2000. The husband of this couple is dressed as “dirty”: his hair is long and casual, with a beard, wearing a leather jacket, like a locomotive party who loves to ride a motorcycle road.
For people who like this style so much, the shoes they design are of course the same. Although this pair of shoes has always been called the high-priced and dirty version of Converse, but it is indeed expensive for a reason.
The manufacturing of this pair of shoes combines the traditional manual techniques of Italy and Britain. From sanding, washing, and coloring, the process of getting the shoes dirty is basically done by hand. It’s different.

A unique pair of shoes that only you have in the world!
Depending on the color and leather, the price is completely different.
The price of a pair of Golden Goose is generally more than 3,000 yuan, and the most expensive retro silver star shoes break through five figures.
You can use it for short skirts, half skirts, long skirts …
Pairing jeans is definitely the best!
Super super super super suitable for girls!
The high-tops are also great for matching with coats, trench coats, long-sleeved coats or flight jackets in the fall.
In addition to the small fresh meat and small flowers, your goddess Faye also loves it.
Never out of date
The reason why this pair of shoes can be sought after, in addition to the joke on the mouth, is the “disposable artifact”, there is the design to give it “unique” characteristics.
In addition to the use of craftsmanship to express the uninhibited and hip-hop style, the five-pointed star logo on the shoe is not as regular as Converse but it lacks a corner, and the missing corner is not fixed.

For contemporary young people, uniqueness is its greatest value. The rest, whether to wear it well or not, has become a fringe benefit. It is no wonder that it will continue to be popular until now.