These $530 pre-discount sneakers are annoying

cheap golden goose
cheap golden goose

Will you spend $530 on such sneakers?
These distressed leather sneakers have a vintage understated design with signature sidewall stars and a low rubber cup bottom that are loosely held together.

Yes, I won’t, these people (also known as the “Internet”) will not:

Poverty is real. I was bullied by wearing thrifty clothes before the thrifty “cool”. Now we have high-end brands that can take advantage of the poverty and suffering associated with many people in the past and the present. Thank you, Golden Goose. I hope that the designer who made this is happy.

Once available on Nordstrom online, these sneakers, hand-held and strapped by the Italian luxury brand cheap golden goose , are currently sold out (or deleted?). Don’t worry, they have a lot of other dirty, overpriced shoes to choose from.