This looks like dirty and broken sneakers for 3000 pieces. How does Golden Goose play fashion?

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cheap golden goose

In December 2016, a new brand, the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (hereinafter referred to as Golden Goose), was added to the northern part of Taikoo Li, Sanlitun, Beijing. Although it is only the first store in China, the popularity of Golden Goose is not low. As early as the beginning of 2016, when the Korean drama “The Descendants of the Sun” was released, Golden Goose became popular because of the standard of the male lead Song Zhongji, which caused the purchasing tide of the fans.

This popular path is almost exactly the same as Jimmy Choo in “You from the Stars”. Telling the truth, if the lens is not specifically designed for the close-up, we will not notice that Song Zhongqiao, who leans against the hospital wall, wears such a pair of old black shoes. In the private photos that follow, the national husband also wore the various styles of Golden Goose, and also wore the cover of the Korean version of fashion Bazaar. After consolidating the exposure, the brand also laid the foundation for the subsequent expansion of the market.

Founded in 2000, Golden Goose is an Italian street fashion brand featuring shoes. The founding husband and wife couples Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo did not have a serious design, but for their love of sneakers, the two started their shoes business in Venice according to their own hobbies. In the past ten years, they have been I continued to learn from the process of dealing with the factory and turned from a layman to a professional. cheap golden goose

Gallo and cool girl Rinaldo, who show their beards all year round, don’t like to play cards with common sense. They are designed to rework old materials, and the later tailoring and craft standards are in line with the high demands of modern people. As we all know, Italy’s shoemaking process is the top of the fashion industry, which gives Golden Goose the possibility to position high-end. With the labels of “manual processing”, “two pairs of shoes without the same exact” and “old craftsmanship”, the price of a pair of Golden Goose can easily reach more than 3,000 yuan, and the most expensive retro silver star shoes even tens of thousands.

This positioning gives Golden Goose a broader image conversion space. It is not a niche item. It is different from a sneaker, not a sports brand. It is different from Converse. Therefore, when entering the fashion field, the resistance of Golden Goose is relatively It is relatively small. Its stores can be surrounded by Vera Wang, Paul Smith, and in the fashion e-commerce of Farfetch, Barneys New York, etc., it is also classified in the “Luxury Fashion” column.
It is because of the special image that Golden Goose is going smoothly on the road to attracting consumers. But when it comes to why people are looking for such dirty shoes, they are not so well designed. Although Golden Goose’s production process is actually waxing, brushing and other processes, not artificially worn, but some consumers still said that they can not accept this dirty feeling.

In fact, Golden Goose has many invisible selling points, one of which is the setting of internal increase. Compared to the blatantly increasing shoes that were popular a few years ago, the increase in Golden Goose is not seen from the outside. At the same time, Golden Goose also has a lot of unfashioned shoes, rich in style, and occasionally there are limited edition supplies. For example, just a week ago, Golden Goose launched the 1000 pairs of superstar capsules at the Pitti Uomo men’s wear show in the Stazione Leopolda Center in Florence. This series is inspired by skateboards. The patterns and texts on the shoes are hand-painted.

And its business strategy is also in good shape. Golden Goose has been actively developing a complete product line. Now it has ready-to-wear, accessories, sports shoes, children’s shoes, etc., and dirty shoes are new products in recent years. At the same time, Golden Goose clearly wants to move to a broader international market. In 2016, it entered the UK for the first time, and then plans to continue to open stores in Tokyo, Seoul, Milan and many other places.

In line with new products and marketing, star marketing is now an important strategy for Golden Goose. Like Jimmy Choo, the Japanese and Korean entertainment industry has been validated for the entire East Asian market. In fact, many songs have passed through Golden Goose before Song Zhongji. A few years ago, Faye Wong also passed through the golden Golden Goose at the “Hurry That Year” conference. In 2015, “Where is Dad?”, Zou Shiming’s son Xuan Xuan also passed through the children’s shoes, followed by Li Yifeng. Yang Mi and other stars have already made a red round on Weibo because they are wearing star shoes. These star effects have led to consumption. As early as 2014, Roberta Benaglia, CEO of DGPA SGR, the Italian fund holding Golden Goose, said in an interview with WWD, “Golden Goose plans to open stores in Hong Kong later because there are many Chinese consumption. They all go to Korea’s Golden Goose for consumption.”

In order to attract Chinese customers, the Golden Goose store in Sanlitun Taikoo will also sell 50 pairs of limited-edition vintage shoes, Golden Goose Deluxe BrandX Swarovski co-branded products and other special products, the brand does not hide the ambition to attract more consumers.
Suddenly adopting such an aggressive strategy is on the one hand the inevitable result of the simultaneous maturity of the brand and the emerging market, and on the other hand the promotion of behind-the-scenes capital. In recent years, there have been more pushers behind Golden Goose, mostly from private equity funds.

The current CEO of Golden Goose is Roberta Benaglia, a private equity fund that holds a minority stake in Style Capital. In May 2015, investment company Ergon Capital Partners III announced that it would acquire a 75% stake in Golden Goose from the Italian private equity fund DGPA for 80 million euros. Benaglia was able to remain as CEO during the handover, and the founder’s husband and wife It is a design and creative business.

After the acquisition, the Ergon Capital team is optimistic about Golden Goose going international, and its operating partner Emanuele Lembo once said: “Golden Goose is already a success story, we believe that this model can be promoted on a larger scale.” Ergon’s partner Riccardo Collini also said: “It has a very unique positioning, attractive in the field of niche luxury sports shoes, is the perfect combination of fashion, market and crafts, consumers are happy to pay.”

Just last Thursday, according to Drapers, Carlyle Group announced that it will acquire Golden Goose shares, and the specific transaction will be closed at the end of March. Carlyle has previously had several investment fashion brands, including Moncler, TwinSet Simona Barbieri, Hunkemoller, etc., and the Shenzhen brand that we reported earlier, also received a 150 million yuan investment in Carlyle in 2009.

The signing of the agreement was the private equity of Ergon, which was added to Golden Goose more than a year ago. It can be seen that the fashion brands are still very mobile. If they study in depth, they will inevitably involve us in the past manuscripts. The proposition of discussion is that “whether a private placement that values ​​short-term returns really considers branding.” Regardless of the conclusion, Golden Goose’s accelerated expansion is certain, which is in line with the needs of investors. In 2016, Golden Goose earned 100 million euros, of which overseas markets outside Italy contributed 60%. Globally, it has 8 directly operated stores and has access to 700 independent buyers and franchises.