This year, this pair of “small dirty shoes” is still very hot, choose these models to wear absolute tide ~

This year’s “small dirty shoes” is still very hot. Choosing these shoes will definitely make your style become more and more interesting. The interested sisters will continue to look down.

What is “small dirty shoes”?

The brand name of the small dirty shoes is Golden Goose, the full name is cheap golden goose Deluxe Brand, also known as GGDB sneakers. Founded in 2000, it is an Italian brand. The style of shoes is that every pair of shoes is treated with old ones. It looks like It will make people feel dirty, so it is called “small dirty shoes.”

1, silver sequins and small dirty shoes, although it looks like a dirty feeling, but it is very bright, but also very characteristic, shoes suitable for wearing all year round, also with a nice star pattern dotted in the shoes On the top, put on this pair of small dirty shoes that are still very hot this year.

2, this year is still very hot little dirty shoes, there are stars with the pattern of sneakers, a lot of female stars are love to wear the shoes style, versatile and stylish, casual look, look good, this hot summer can not be missed Shoes single item.

3, this pair of old dirty shoes, this year is still very hot, wear it in the hot summer, comfortable and fashionable, with a nice dress, and a thin sweater with sunscreen, hot summer It is very beautiful and very trendy.

4, this year is still very hot little dirty shoes, is made of pink pu leather material, looks super sweet and pink feeling, plus the stars of the pattern embellishment, make this pair of shoes more fashionable, good look, hot Putting on these pairs of shoes in the summer will give you a sense of style and comfort.

5, small dirty shoes look very special feeling, after the old design, so that the shoes are more bright, high-quality shoes material design, wearing full of comfort, this year is still very popular this pair of dirty Shoes, casual with jeans, the shape is quite tidal.

This year, the pair of “small dirty shoes” is still very hot. Choose the above models to wear absolute tide.