Tinsley Mortimer and Scott Kluth dressed as Cinderella and her prince at Disney

A few days after Tinsley Mortimer and long-time boyfriend Scott Kluth confirmed that they were officially participating again, New York City’s real housewives and couples wore sympathetic couples. Pack out of Halloween – not just any couples. Tinsley and Scott dressed in fairytales and headed to Walt Disney World.

The fashionista, like Cinderella, wore a headgear and a gorgeous dress with a sparkling pink petticoat and looked at the princess. Scott is her Prince Charming, and her suit is a Disney classic. Tinsley’s make-up artist Jasen Kaplan released a photo of the two posing in front of the Magic Castle with a label on it: “The fairy tale is really a reality.”

Tinsley’s hair stylist Loretta Wallner also shared this photo, but with the Instagram title: “Dream is your inner wish!”

This Halloween costume is definitely worth mentioning! So is this a happy day for Tinsley and Scott? What is certain is: This is Cinderella’s sneakers, not glass slippers. Tinsley wore a pair of her beloved cheap golden goose designers wearing her Halloween costumes.

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